Atlas Copco Tentec Hydraulic nuts

Hydraulic nuts replace existing hexagon nuts to give a rapid, accurate and uniform bolt load to any bolted joint. They offer a method of bolt tensioning muli-bolt applications which greatly improves the integrity of the joint. Designed to be as compact as possible, in order to allow adjacent fitment on as many applications as possible. Using multiple hydraulic nuts on a bolted joint gives a much improved uniform bolt load across all bolts. 

Safety & Reliability

Integrated into the design of each hydraulic nut are enhanced safety features including mechanisms to remove the hazard of over-strokingthe hydraulic rams All Tentec hydraulic nuts feature a mechanismwhich directs oil flow away from the operator in the instance the ram is over-stroked and exhausts oil harmlessly into the internal sectionof the nut

Seal Technology

Over the years Tentec has developed a class leading high pressure seal technology. This innovative seal technology is industry proven and offers many 1000’s of reliable and safe pressure cycles.