The MASTERLIFT hydraulic scissor lift platform was developed in conjunction with Australian mining companies to ensure it meets all safety standards.  The development of the MASTERLIFT was aimed at trying to eliminate all safety issues when applying wheel nuts onto large heavy haulage mining vehicles.  All safety rails and fail safe switches are standard on the platform and has been made with only the best quality air over hydraulic scissor lift system. 

Listed below are a few of the features:

* 2 handed up and down control system

* Emergency Safety Control Lever

* Safety rails

* Self closing doors

* Correct standards in step v incline

* 3 points of contact available when stepping onto the platform

* Extremely easy to move around 

* Full double action boom for tool suspension, WLL 65kg

* Spring balancer to reduce the weight of the tooling

* WLL 350kg

* Closed height 420mm to max. height 1300mm

* Can be supplied with fork point or wheels

* Custom modifications to suit your needs

* Cleat holder tray.

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