Bolttech Mannings S9 Induction Machine 100 kw

Bolttech Mannings S9 100 kw 75030F Induction Machine is a multi-function induction machine well ahead of the rest. They are made in the USA and are the most reliable, user friendly and technically advanced product on the market. Phone one of our friendly staff for a price on a new machine and accessories, or ask us about providing a turn key service with Technical Service Technicians for your next required shut down or service.


  • Frequency - 3 - 10 kHz
  • 572mmWx1145mmHx1340mmL (22 ½”Wx45”Hx52 ½”L) 
  • Weight 387kg
  • Input power 415 v.a.c 120 amps 3 phase
  •  All control functions on single board
  • Built in water pump to increase output water flow
  • 4 swivel casters (shock absorbing wheels) for easy mobility
  • Remote pendant with 10.5 metres lead to enable on/off operation at work area
  • Leak proof fittings on main water supply and drain
  • Ground fault protection circuit
  •  Analog meters on front panel for both power level and frequency
  • LCD display to show status of power supply 
  • 0-100% adjustable power level
  • Self tuning 3-10Khz
  • Tappable transformer to enable unit to perform other functions such as thermal expansion.

For a demonstration on how efficient induction heating is, see the video below. This demonstrates how it can work in conjunction with a puller removing rods on a boiler.