Atlas Copco RTEX 15 Breaker


 Atlas Copco's  next generation of breakers is here  with the new  Revolutionary-TEX range of breakers    

RTEX pays for itself.

A comparable TEX uses 34 litres of air per second. A TEX 220 uses 29 litres. The RTEX only use 18 litres per second! That saves you money on fuel by allowing you to downsize on the compressor or run several breakers on the existing equipment.

Key Features 

  1. 25% Lighter 
  2. 50% Less air consumed
  3. Reduced vibration levels 

 Main Applications

  • Service jobs
  • General demolition
  • Breaking soft and medium hardness materials


  • Solid body concept
  • Noise reduction
  • Quick set up time
  • HAPS Hand and Arm Protection system
  • Rotating air inlet swivel


  • Weight 17kg
  • Vibration level  4.6 level ms
  • Length 674mm
  • Air consumption 15.4 L/S
  • Impact rate of 936BPM
  • Shank size 25 x 108mm (kick latch retainer)
M/N- 8461011510