Atlas Copco LCD 500 Hydraulic Core Drill

The Atlas Copco LCD 500 Hydraulic Core Drill. This powerful drill is ideal for jobs where there is no space for drill stands. Due to the non-kick back operation, you can still drill holes of up to 200 mm (8 in) in a diameter free hand. Fully hydraulic, the tool can be used for wet diamond core drilling on the toughest jobs. The LCD core drill offers spark free operation - there are no electrical components - for safe operations inside buildings, in hazardous environments and even underwater.


  • High power to weight ratio
  • Low vibrations
  • Low kick-back
  • Hydraulic torque control
  • Fits in standard drill stands
  •  Closed hydraulic circuit
  • Comes in carrying case as standard
  • Safe handheld drilling in reinforced concrete and asphalt up to 200 mm diameter in confined spaces, for ventilation, heating, gas piping and other installations
  • Works efficient also in underwater applications


  • Weight 9,5 kg (including hoses)
  • Length 414 mm (without drill)
  • Oil flow 20-30
  • Working pressure 80-120 bar
  • Revolutions 600-900 RPM
  • Drill diameter 50-202 mm